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Santa Rosa


Amy Charnay is based in Santa Rosa, Sonoma county California. She teaches aerial yoga and practices herbal medicine and Nutrition. On this site you will know more about her services as well as upcoming events.


Information and pricing on Amy Charnay's Herbal Medicine and Nutrition services

Our Products

Everything we produce is designed with the goal of helping you cultivate resiliency. Our products are 100% natural and handmade in small batches by professional herbalists using local & organically grown ingredients. We carefully cultivate, harvest and process these botanical allies to preserve their quality and vitality, resulting in extraordinarily vibrant and unique plant aromatics. Visit our shop to explore our currently available product line. We offer seasonal products so stop by regularly to see what’s in store for you.

Purchase your own unique custom compounded herbal product when you book a resiliency consultation.


In addition to our standard product line, we offer our individual 100% pure hydrosols for sale by request. Contact us for a current list of hydrosols and click here for pricing.

Our unique steam distillation process begins with fresh plant material. We leave the essential oil layer intact and never remove these precious oils. The result is a fragrant and therapeutic hydrosol of superior quality.