Natural Products IndustrY

Do you:

  • Have a product idea that you would like to bring to the market?
  • Have a company that needs help writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) or meeting the current federal Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP's)? Need an expert to formulate natural products? 
  • Need help with marketing and educational materials to support your brand? 

I bring over a decade of industry experience in the areas of product formulation & design, raw material sourcing, research & development, quality control, herbal education and creating and editing marketing materials. I am a skilled botanical identity specialist and am FDA and NIH trained in botanical microscopy, organoleptic analysis and Thin Layer Chromatography. I have worked with tea, tincture, cosmetic and essential oil companies and can help you with: 

Research & Development
- Product development, formulating, raw material sourcing
- Choosing a manufacturer
- Choosing appropriate lab tests and a 3rd party testing laboratory

Herbal Education & Communications
- Written articles and marketing materials to support your brand
- Product training
- Writing and editing
- Newsletters

Legal and Regulatory Support
- Technical document writing such as SOP's
- Review of labels and marketing materials
- GMP guidance

3 must have documents for everyone in the natural products industry: 
1. Federal Drug Agency (FDA) document on current Good Manufacturing Practices. 
2. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) document on labels and advertising
3. The American Herbal Products Association document on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for Botanicals