corporate wellness

Do you:
Need an expert to offer your employees a unique wellness experience?
Want to increase employee health, satisfaction and productivity? 
Have a goal to decrease your insurance premiums?
Want to green your workplace to create a healthier, more eco environment?

I bring decades of experience in the area of wellness education and can help you meet your corporate wellness goals. As a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Educator, Clinician, and Fitness & Mindfulness Instructor, I have a unique background to offer your organization a complete wellness package. I provide custom experiences to best meet the needs of your organization. Contact me for more information.

Yoga & Mindfulness
- Therapeutic Yoga customized to the needs of your staff to decrease incidence of repetitive injuries, chronic pain, and improve overall well being. 
- Mindfulness practices, including meditation, to support stress reduction
- Book a private aerial yoga workshop as a fun team building exercise for a small company or department. 

Nutrition & Herbal Medicine
- Seminars on healthy food choices
- Herbal Medicine demystified! Herbs for the seasons, 

Environmental Health
- Aromatherapy
Natural cleaning products
- Hi Tech Air Solutions top of the line air purification systems
- Water filtration recommendations - offer your employees healthy water and waste less plastic. 

3 simple steps to help you get started right away:
1. Place more potted plants near desks in the workplace. They help clean the air and improve employee performance by up to 15%. 
2. Provide a water purifier for your employees. Berkey filters are an affordable, easy to set up table top option. An office water purifier reduces plastic waste (and the associated BPA - a xenoestrogen found in plastic bottles) and encourages hydration.
3. Encourage movement - walking, stretching, an on-site yoga class, anything to get employees moving! Movement is crucial for blood flow, lymphatic drainage and positive mood. And happier, healthier employees are more productive employees. If possible, consider dedicating a room for movement and provide a few yoga or exercise props and/or encourage employees to form walking groups -- movement + fresh air is even better. 

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