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Santa Rosa


Amy Charnay is based in Santa Rosa, Sonoma county California. She teaches aerial yoga and practices herbal medicine and Nutrition. On this site you will know more about her services as well as upcoming events.


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Herban allies story. About the founders.


Nice to meet you.

Herban Allies was born out of the visions of Amy & Luc Charnay to serve our community by fostering resiliency in our complex urban environments. We aim to enhance the connection between humans and nature and educate people how to organically cultivate, process and preserve food and medicine while simultaneously respecting and stewarding land and habitat.

Amy hails from the mountains of upstate NY where she was infused in nature at a young age and completed her Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science & Latin American Studies, focusing on agriculture, ecology and botany. After many years of serious health challenges and multiple surgeries, Amy began to explore plants through a different lens by studying herbal medicine & nutrition, earning her Masters of Science degree in the field. Through plant medicine, neuroplasticity & mindfulness practices, Amy has gone from disabled to thriving and is passionate about sharing her resiliency toolkit with others as a scientist, researcher, educator and clinician. Fun facts: Amy is an FDA trained botanical microscopist, had a summer job trapping black bears and is featured in Michael Pollans’ book “How to Change Your Mind”.

Luc was born and raised near Paris, France with deep roots in the Alps. He landed in the California Bay Area in 2003. Inspired by his father’s entrepreneurial background, he earned his Masters from the Toulouse Business School, France and has been working in business development ever since, mainly in the hydroponic industry. His love of gardening and regenerative design led him to study permaculture and he is particularly skilled at integrating these principles to all aspects of business. He loves to see the combination of his business and regenerative design skills open new doors for passionate entrepreneurs. Fun facts: Luc speaks three languages fluently, was once banned from re-entering the US for one month and can eat a bar of 90% chocolate in less than 2 minutes.

We are located on a 9000 square foot urban farm in the city of Santa Rosa, CA, in the heart of the agriculturally rich traditions of Sonoma County. We find inspiration from nature in many forms. As land tenders, we have backgrounds in herbal medicine, botany, ecology, nutrition, gardening, permaculture, beekeeping and more. We apply these principles whenever possible to create a vital, thriving garden landscape that we share with many other creates including plants, insects, birds and our local city deer "Moe". 

We cultivate drought tolerant, native, aromatic & medicinal plants as food, habitat and medicine.