Catnip Hydrosol - 100% natural


Catnip Hydrosol - 100% natural

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Your cat and you will both enjoy this gentle hydrosol! Spray this on your cats favorite toy to send them off on a fun adventure. Spray it on yourself or linens to promote calm and relaxation. This member of the mint family has a gentle, sweet and subtle scent. 

Ingredients: 100% natural and local catnip (Nepeta cataria) -- essential oils included (essential oil layer not removed during distillation).

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Hydrosols, also known as 'floral or 'herbal' 'waters' are distilled from high quality botanicals. Our hydrosols are distilled in small batches from plants grown on our boutique farm 'Herban Allies" without the use of chemicals of any kind or sustainably wildharvest with great attention and care. The essential oil layer is never removed in our distillation process, resulting in highly fragrant and therapeutic herbal waters. They are wonderful for use as: 

  • aromatherapy air fresheners to cleanse or clear a room
  • a natural facial toner to freshen and hydrate the skin
  • a hydrating ingredient in skin care recipes such as lotions and creams
  • on textiles - try spraying a hydrosol when ironing for a pleasant experience or spray the curtains and linens to freshen
  • add to bath water to relax and renew

We are in the process of testing our current batch for microbes so do not yet recommend these for internal use until we have that data available.