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Santa Rosa


Amy Charnay is based in Santa Rosa, Sonoma county California. She teaches aerial yoga and practices herbal medicine and Nutrition. On this site you will know more about her services as well as upcoming events.


Testimonials by some of Amy Charnay's clients


Amy is an exceptional clinician and provided me and my family with loving effective treatment plans. Her expertise in health, wellness, herbal treatments, genetic issues and various nutritional options made for an extremely thorough evaluation and treatment plan. I highly recommend Amy base on her expertise, commitment and compassion when approaching wellness.
— Jacquie
Amy’s aerial yoga class is so fun and uplifting! An experienced and skillful teacher, she always makes sure participants feel and are safe in the silks. When I am ‘sailing’ in my silk, I feel I’m 12 years old again: Happy, Fearless and Free!
— Suze
I recently had cervical surgery and consulted with Amy beforehand. She advised me about herbs for liver and adrenal support that were simple to integrate into my everyday life. I enjoy them! She is always available for my questions, or to help me refine my use of the herbs for new needs, such as scar reduction. Amy is a veritable encyclopedia of information about herbs and their effects, and most importantly, she lives a busy life in the real world and understands that her recommendations have to be doable. My surgical experience was not easy, but I had the easiest experience with anesthesia that I have ever had. I hardly noticed the effects lingering and they passed quickly. I attribute this to Amy’s guidance. Her advice has been invaluable. She can even teach you how to clean a coffee grinder for use with herbs—no fuss, no muss. Amy is a gem!
— Beata C, Ph.D., Zen meditation teacher and group facilitator
The support of the silks allows beginners to gently do more advanced poses right from the start, making sessions more productive & fun and is reassuring, making even inverted poses comforting rather than frightening. All the benefits of yoga with the silks adding an element of playfulness. It’s like recess for adults!
— Mike
After taking Amy’s aerial yoga class one time, I was completely hooked. Just the way my body became free and able to move in new ways is incredible. This is a new style of yoga that removes the ground as a barrier, and I could not feel better! Thank you Amy for making this available to me!
— Kayla
Aerial yoga with Amy is a blast! A fun way to get grounded by first getting your feet off the ground. A way to gain perspective by spending time upside-down. It’s play, workout, and therapy all in one. A safe way to take risks under the guidance of a kind, capable, accessible teacher.
— Sandra